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Tree Services

As simple as the task of Tree Planting may seem, Sam General  Landscaping recommends you leave it in the hands of a Professional Landscaping Company. As one of the leading Landscaping Companies in Cary NC with more than 15 years of experience, we have seen our share of badly planted trees. Sometimes to save a buck you end up causing more damage or investing more money than by having a professional Plant your tree. Call us at (919) 656-9165

Tree Services

There are many factors to look into that a professional Landscaping Company always looks for. Tree types must be considered during the selection process based on the soil and climate of the area. Choosing the best location to plant is highly important to avoid hazards and take advantage of optimal sunlight. The appropriate planting techniques must be applied for optimal tree growth. The correct timing and season to plant which is based on the tree type. All these factors are important for proper tree growth and ensure that your tree will grow beautiful and healthy in its environment. Email us at

Sam General  Landscaping is an expert Tree Planter and offers Tree Planting Services for Residential and Commercial services in Cary NC and the surrounding areas. We have planted Dogwood, Saucer Magnolia, Maple, Silver Maple, Weeping Cherry, Red Oak, and much more.  Call and book a free Tree Planting Assessment with one of our Master Arborists. They will make the correct suggestions to ensure your tree will thrive for years to come. Leave the tree planting to the experts called Sam General  Landscaping today.

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